Plus-Sized Female Seeks Long-Term Relationship

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Plus-Sized Female Seeks Long-Term Relationship


My friends describe me as a pretty, non-conventional, good-natured girl who has a dark sense of humor and a penchant for solitude.

They have a few things right.  Except for a birthmark on my shoulder, I am in perfect condition.  I blushingly admit that I receive compliments on my corpulent size continually.  Born and raised on a farm, I have a practical and pragmatic outlook on life and am not definitely not one of those types of females who refuse to get their hands dirty.  (Although, don’t worry – I’ve been told that I clean up extremely well!)

And yes, probably another result of being raised on a farm is that the things that tickle my funny bone are often macabre.

But solitude?  This I could do without. My days are often long and silent here in the country.   I crave companionship to share my life with, from the sunny balmy days spent wallowing in cool water to the dark cold winter nights spent under an icy moon.

I seek someone of my own kind, who understands my wants and needs and who really ‘gets’ me.  I absolutely prefer dating an honest-to-god swine rather than some feathery puffed-up rooster who is all show.  My perfect match would be kind, funny, take long rambling walks, let me have all of the extra cookies, would weigh in at least 600 pounds and have a raging libido for three crazed days every three weeks. While it is not a priority to have a family, I know that things happen and I am not averse to raising 10 – 12 babies every year or so, should our relationship move to that level.

If you are looking for a girl who can make you laugh and keep you warm on cold winter nights, please email me discreetly at