Tracing Our Food Back to the Farm

Consider this Toledo’s all-season cyber Farmer’s Market, where we look at what we are eating right now, Chefs who are cooking it, stores that are selling it, and where they are getting the food.

We are taking the food back to the farm.

We will visit with Chefs who are always in search of the very best locally available food for their artisan creations as well as discover which big chain restaurants are also buying locally.

We will meet the local farmers, both big and small, who supply these restaurants, as well as those who send their food to our small and big grocers.  We will go to the Farmer’s Market and talk to the old farm pros as well as the rookies trying to break into the market.  We will explore the ethnic food markets and find out who supplies their needs locally and what it takes to be considered Halal and Kosher.

Along the way we’ll meet some of the area’s best backyard urban farmers, while taking field trips to find fresh fish farms, hydroponic growers who keep us in greens all winter, dark earthy mushroom farms and anything else that looks good to eat.

Let’s see what is on the menu!

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